Using a common calendar format (.ics), you can keep all your calendars updated and synchronized with TripAdvisor calendar.

Note: Calendar sync marks dates in your TripAdvisor Rentals calendar as unavailable if they’re unavailable on another site. It will never cancel an existing booking on our platform, or change any reserved dates to available.

Importing your calendar to Tripadvisor

Keep your calendar up to date and monitor your availability by importing the calendar data from other calendars.

  1. In the Calendar tab, select Import
  2. Paste the web link of this calendar from omniBookings (e.g.…)
  3. Name the imported calendar and select Save

Exporting your calendar to omniBookings


By exporting your TripAdvisor calendar, you are able to track your availability and view your TripAdvisor bookings on a different calendar on omniBookings..


  1. Select Export calendar to view your iCalendar link.
  2. Copy and paste this link.
  3. Follow this steps to import Tripadvisor calendar.