Tax profiles help you to charge an accurate tax rate based on a location specific tax rule. You can use tax profiles to set tax rates for specific locations, and charge different amounts based on where you're shipping your products from. You can add tax locations that should share tax rates to a tax profile.

To make the most out of using shipping profiles, make sure you understand how Tax Locations  and Tax Rates work and how best to use them for your business.

Navigate to omniCommerce \ Commerce Settings \ Taxes \ Tax Profiles to manage tax profiles.

Create Tax Profile

Navigate to omniCommerce \ Commerce Settings \ Taxes \ Tax Profiles  and click Create.

Info section

  1. Enter descriptive name for this shipping profile.
  2. Select Default if you want this profile to be used by default for all products.
  3. Click Save.

Tax Profile Maps

Navigate to Tax profile maps section. Tax profile maps help you to associated the rate with a tax location your shipping from and rates to apply.

  1. To add new tax rate map, click Create.
  2. To edit existing tax rate map, select Edit from options dropdown.

Create or Edit Tax Rate Map

  1. Click Create to create a new tax rate map.
  2. Select From Tax Location - where you are shipping from.
  3. Select Tax Rate that will be applied for the order that matches this tax rate map.
  4. Click Save.