TaxJar is sales tax software that automates tax calculations and the tax filing process. It is a paid service not affiliated with Omnibasis. You can use default Omnibasis Tax Rates at no additional charge.

To add TaxJar tax integration, first create a new Tax Provider.

  1. Navigate to omniCommerce \ Commerce Settings \ Taxes \ Tax Providers and click Create from action menu.
  2. Set Type for Tax Provider to TaxJar. Use Manual type if you plan to override tax rates. Use Omnibasis if you want to use Omnibasis tax tables.
  3. Select a friendly Name to name your tax provider. Default is TaxJar.
  4. You need to login into your TaxJar account and get API Keys.
  5. Select your Environment. Default is Live.
  6. Once you add a new tax provider, you need to associate with a tax rate. Learn how to create and manage tax rates.