You can setup when customer is notified with a note using customer notification and delay settings.

Use notes to track customer or user interactions. 

  • Navigate to customer list at omniCustomers \ Customers.
  • Navigate to users list at omniCustomers \ Users.

Click options drop down next to a customer you want to update and select View to open customer details.

Customer Notes

Select Notes section to see a list of customer notes or to create a new one. 

Click Create to create a note.

Create Note with Notification

  1. Select Notification, if you want to set yourself reminder. It is useful if you use a customer note to track your own tasks and activities for that customer. You can always configure to receive emails with every notification as well.
  2. If you want Notify others with this note, enter Notify emails and Notify phone numbers.
  3. Click Save. If note to be sent out, it will be scheduled right away.