You can use order payment terms to manage when you get paid.

Note:  Select Send status update to a customer if you want that invoice sent to the customer.

Learn more about payment options:

  • Payment method on file - select account to be used for a payment and use that account to charge immediately.
  • Pay on receipt - generate an invoice for this order. Select Send status update to a customer if you want that invoice sent to the customer.
  • Pay at the end of this month - set the due date to be the end of the current month.
  • Pay in 10 days (Net 10) - the the due date 10 days in the future
  • Pay in 30 days (Net 30) - the the due date 30 days in the future  
  • Pay in 60 days (Net 60) - the the due date 60 days in the future 
  • Set payment days - the the due date custom number of days in the future 
  • Pay at the start of the booking - the order will not be paid till the booking date associated with an order. You need manually process the payment at the start of the booking.
  • Payment authorization. Nothing is charged until the order is approved - used to collect payment method information, once order is approved, you need to process the payment method.
  • Temporary authorization hold - used to authorize but not charge payment method. Your or customer need to take action with a valid payment method to process authorization. If due date is set, Omnibasis will try to authorize a card on file.
  • Set a due date & collect on that day - set a due date in the future and automatically charge payment method on file on that date.

Invoice Auto Collections

Once the order is due, Omnibasis will try to collect on that order. If collection fails, notice will be sent.  You can control not send in notice in omniCommerce settings.