Your application might want to use user roles to control access to Edit and Create ID Verifications and Digital ID. Navigate to Permissions section to secure your ID creation and updates. You can secure your ID management with password and/or permission roles.

Navigate to omniVerify \Configure.

  1. Select Edit in options menu next to the verification you want to manage.
  2. Navigate to Permission section and select User Roles that is required to create or edit ID verifications. For example, User role is required to submit a new ID verification. Learn how to manage User Roles.
    • With Password, visitors will be asked to enter this password in order to create and edit ID verification.
    • With Permission roles set, visitors will need to sign up or sign in to create and edit ID verification  and be a member of the selected roles. Select the roles required with a toggle.
    • Configure Security options, which allows users to create, update or delete ID verifications.  Otherwise user with proper App Permissions is required to manage ID verifications.

Note: if you want anonymous users to create ID verifications, you should not select any permissions roles, and turn on Allow user to create.