Promotion Rule play a key factor in driving customers toward a product and boost sales. A Promotion Rule defines the benefit being applied, discount in currency or percentage, and the period up to which it will be applied, on an Order. The Promotion Rule can be defined for a specific Product or across all Products in your Catalog. 

Note: if you want to support promotion rules in ore more currencies, please make sure those currencies are defined before your create new promotion rule. Learn more about Currencies support on Omnibasis.

Once you create a Product, you can manage product Promotion Rules.

Navigate to the product you want to manage from 'omniCommerce \ Manage Catalog \ Products', select Manage next the product from the drop down action menu.

Select Promotion Rules section.

  • Click Create to create a new rule.
  • Select Edit from dropdown action menu next to the status on the list to edit an existing rule.

Configure Promotion Rule

Navigate to Configure section.

  1. Set Status for the rule. 
  2. Select Promotion Rule Type. See section below.
  3. Give your promotion rule an optional Name 
  4. Provide optional Description.

Promotion Rule Types

Each rule must specify its type, describing conditions for promotion. Every rule type has its own required fields (conditions) that must be filled. Once you change rule type,  navigate to Conditions section to fill in required values.

We offer following standard types:

  1. Coupon – customer receives points/currency discount based on amounts in the rule.
  2. Trial – customer receives FREE trial based on a trial period in the rule.
  3. Discount - customer receives discount based on discount type and amounts in the rule.
  4. Event - customer receives discount based on the event defined in the rule.
  5. Spending - customer receives discount based the amount spend.
  6. Specific Purchase - customer could receive points/currency discount for specified product.

Conditions section will change depending on the rule type. For example, below Conditions for Coupon.

Promotion Rule Limitations

Use Promotion Rule limitation to limit the use of this promotion.

Navigate to Limitations section.

  • The number of times a promotion rule can be applied to a particular order:  One Time, Forever, Limited number of time.
    • One Time - the promotion rule is to be applied only once for an order.
    • Forever - the promotion rule to be applied each time an invoice is created for an order.
    • Limited number of times - the promotion rule to be applied for a specific number of times per order. This promotion rule will be automatically removed from the order once it has been fully utilized.
  • This maximum number of times this promotion can used for all customer would limit the total times this rule is applied.
  • This maximum number of times this promotion can used by single customer would limit the total times this rule is applied for a specific customer.

For all Promotion Rules, you can specify:

  • Start date and End date when this promotion rule is in effect.
  • Select Require approval to require approval by admin for the order that contains this promotion.
  • Select Hide from user to hide this promotion rule from user on any hosted pages.