Create and manage your pass fields to customize and personalize individual passes for every user.

Note: please note, that for the pass to work perfectly in Google Play, you need to understand Google Pay mapping.

  1. Navigate to Fields section in Wallet Pass Definition.
  2. Click Flip Pass on preview to see a back of a pass.
  3. You can manage all the fields of the pass in section. 

Create or Edit Field

Click Add to create a new field, or Edit in options dropdown next to the field to Edit.

Note: field layout might be different on the phone, depending if its Apple or Android device. Preview is for illustration only.

  1. Select Position of the pass.  Learn about positions on Apple devices. Learn about positions on Android devices.
  2. Select Type of this field.
  3. Give it an optional Label.
  4. If you do not want to show this field on an actual pass, select Hide on pass
  5. Select Key for your pass. Learn more about selecting keys.
  6. In Value field, most likely you will leave it empty, as you want customers to enter data when pass is created, otherwise you can put an actual value.
  7. Select Format of the field, if available. For text fields, there is no format.
  8. Define message that customer will see on mobile phone when field is changed. Message must have %@ value as per Apple specification at the end.
  9. Choose field Alignment
  10. If you want Allow Customer to Customize Barcode, specify this field to be Use as Barcode.
  11. Select Generate automatically, if you want this field to be auto generated. A sequence of numbers and letters will be generated for this field.
  12. Select Unique for each mobile wallet pass, if your require a unique value for this field on each pass, when pass is created, customer will be asked to provide the value here, for example, their First Name.
  13. Mark field Required to require field value when pass is created.
  14. If you want restrict this field to admin only, select Edit by administrator only.

Example of Primary Field

Example of Back Field

Manage Profile Link on the Pass

You can setup a link for user to update and manage profiles on the back of the pass.

Share Pass Link 

You can setup a special share pass link on the back of the pass.

Reference Pass Link 

You can setup a special reference pass link on the back of the pass which would be automatically connected to other services on Omnibasis, like E-commerce orders, Loyalty Cards, Ledger Wallets, and more. Read more about Omnibasis integration.